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Inteq Communications Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based IT service provider offering Systems Integration and Consulting Services, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions and Software Engineering Services.

Established in January 1999, Inteq has consistently grown over the years offering IT services in various industries. On the solution front for local and international clients, Inteq has engineered, built and implemented specialized solutions for organizations in Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Shipping, Construction, Logistics, Hospitality and other specialized areas such as meteorological / road-surface management.

In addition to the centralized solution design and project management capabilities in Singapore, Inteq has representative offices in Malaysia and Shanghai, while operating a wholly owned offshore software development centre in India .

Featured in Computer TimesIT Singapore and Computer World, Inteq has been in “Spirit of Enterprise”, which advocates and promotes entrepreneurial spirit of Singaporeans. Inteq is also a registered member of SITF (Singapore Information Technology Federation) 

With an open mind and years of experience across different industries, Inteq’s consultants are confident of taking on any challenges, and give all projects their undivided attention. Inteq’s commitment is to fully support and provide end-to-end IT solutions and services to help you meet your business needs.

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What Solutions We Provide to Our Valued Customers

Infrastructure consolidation and virtualization which includes storage, desktop, and server virtualization, reduces overall IT equipment electrical load through consolidation of systems. The resulting energy savings can be further maximized if IT or facilities managers adjust the power and cooling infrastructure to accommodate the reduced loads. Planning for this cycle of initial reduced load followed by load growth with IT equipment running at much higher overall utilization levels can result in the capture of a significant, supplemental energy savings entitlement.

Infrastructure & End User Support outsourcing has become more popular as many businesses realise that supporting their IT Infrastructure is very labour and space intensive. Many companies are now taking the advantages of outsourcing the IT support so as to reduce the need to maintain a dedicated in-house staff to take care of the IT system. This helps to make the company more efficient and profitable.

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We Create Result-Oriented Dynamic Applications

Over 25 years working in IT services developing software applications and mobile apps for clients all over the world.


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Over the years, Inteq has built, commercialized and deployed ERP solution for Ship Chandlers as well Rigging companies. In addition, iCEP, a complex event processing solution, has also been productized for industries that requires a fast and effective solution to process and analyse BIG DATA.
Besides building solutions, Inteq partners established companies like Merge (Healthcare) and Spikenet (Video Analytics) in providing specific enterprise solution to the region.

e`Anchor is a cross-department enterprise solution for organizations. With a foundation of 10 year study of the maritime ship supplier industry, e’Anchor caters especially to help maritime organizations run operations. This system is specially made to meet the needs of companies supplying goods to maritime vessels.
e`Anchor Enterprise Solution is built on Microsoft platform and created using Microsoft .NET Suite for interfaces and relies on the powerful and stable Microsoft SQL Server as its back-end database

i.CEP (aka Intelligent Complex Event Processing) is an intelligent solution that process simple rules, multiple rules and complex events against incoming data feeds with the objective of reaching a decision to call for an appropriate reaction.

It starts with data acquisition from live sensors or databases, follow-by matching of data against monitored rules and events and finally broadcast notifications and alarms through various means of communication channels such as SMS, Email, Fax etc.

 Features :

  • Runtime rule validation
  • Facility for event configuration
  • Easy configuration from rules to  events
  • High performance and scalability (scale down to department)
  • Data subscription based on pre-configured events
  • Speed, algorithm provides efficient way of matching rule patterns to data
  • Generic Engine
  • Easy source integration (standalone)
  • Bidirectional Messaging
  • Multilingual smart systems

Benefits :

  • Low TCO cost incur in modification of business logic
  • Reduce amount of time and effort by separating business decision logic from core application code
  • Each module performs individual functions
  • Changes made faster with less risks
  • Generic Engine
  • Shorten development / modification time (Grammar)

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