1. Infrastructure Consolidation and Virtualisation: 

Infrastructure consolidation and virtualization which includes storage, desktop, and server virtualization, reduces overall IT equipment electrical load through consolidation of systems. The resulting energy savings can be further maximized if IT or facilities managers adjust the power and cooling infrastructure to accommodate the reduced loads. Planning for this cycle of initial reduced load followed by load growth with IT equipment running at much higher overall utilization levels can result in the capture of a significant, supplemental energy savings entitlement.


   2.Infrastructure & End User Support Outsourcing

 Infrastructure & End User Support outsourcing has become more popular as many businesses realise that supporting their IT Infrastructure is very labour and space intensive. Many companies are now taking the advantages of outsourcing the IT support so as to reduce the need to maintain a dedicated in-house staff to take care of the IT system. This helps to make the company more efficient and profitable.    

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