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i.CEP (aka Intelligent Complex Event Processing) is an intelligent solution that process simple rules, multiple rules and complex events against incoming data feeds with the objective of reaching a decision to call for an appropriate reaction.

It starts with data acquisition from live sensors or databases, follow-by matching of data against monitored rules and events and finally broadcast notifications and alarms through various means of communication channels such as SMS, Email, Fax etc.

 Features :

  • Runtime rule validation
  • Facility for event configuration
  • Easy configuration from rules to  events
  • High performance and scalability (scale down to department)
  • Data subscription based on pre-configured events
  • Speed, algorithm provides efficient way of matching rule patterns to data
  • Generic Engine
  • Easy source integration (standalone)
  • Bidirectional Messaging
  • Multilingual smart systems
Benefits :
  • Low TCO cost incur in modification of business logic
  • Reduce amount of time and effort by separating business decision logic from core application code
  • Each module performs individual functions
  • Changes made faster with less risks
  • Generic Engine
  • Shorten development / modification time (Grammar) 
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